How does it work?

Doubtcloud allows you to create a doubt by uploading 2 items, each of them representing a possible choice. By sharing the doubt with your network, you get answers on what people believe is the right choice to make. Because every doubt has its own unique URL, you can share your doubt with your friends through a social network of your choice.

Which items can I use?

You can use images, video and audio (by entering a url). You are personally responsible for the content you put on Doubtcloud. Read more on this subject in our terms and conditions section. Any doubt that does not meet our terms and conditions will be removed without further notice.

The url I provided doesn't work?

We do our best effort to support as many services as possible but there may be some url's that won't work. In that case ... apologies.

Can I use Doubtcloud on my mobile device?

Yes, you can! We optimized the experience for iOS users. You can upload or take pictures from your iOS device directly to Doubtcloud.

What is a private doubt?

You can create private doubts by checking the checkbox "Make this doubt private". This means that your doubt won't appear in search results or listings (such as popular or recent) on Doubtcloud. Once you've created a doubt it can no longer be changed to private and vice-versa.

What is a popular doubt?

A popular doubt is a doubt that has a lot of picks. The "popular doubts" list consists of the doubts which have the most picks.

Can I remove a doubt?

No. Once a doubt has been created, it's impossible to edit or delete it from Doubtcloud.