About Doubtcloud

Doubt is universal. It's an obvious problem with no easy solution. We believe Doubtcloud can help you make decisions.
Launch twofold doubts simply and quickly. Share them and get to know what other people think. Can't decide ... we doubt it.

Who are we?

Doubtcloud is a team of 5 people, each of them with a very specific background.
What unites us is our common belief that people rely on their friends, family or whoever, when making decisions.

How did we build Doubtcloud?

Doubtcloud was made in a lean way, applying agile values. The current version of Doubtcloud is the very first iteration of many, it's not a perfect version but it is a starting point. We prefer to launch and test early, instead of applying the masterpiece mentality. We plan to iterate frequently, each time adding and testing new features or functionalities, the meantime measuring their impact. Our goal is to add only features that are valuable to our users.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us